Russia decisively counters Japan’s hostility

February 3, 2023

Russia has taken a resolute countermeasure against the anti-Russian hostile acts of Japan.

Maria Zakharova, a spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, said on January 29 that Russia informed Japan that it would not conduct negotiations on fishing activities of the Japanese in the Russian territorial waters.

According to her, Russia sent a notice to Japan that it would not enter into intergovernmental negotiations with the latter concerning their fishing activities in its territorial waters around the Southern Kurils, given that the latter has taken measures against Russia.

Japan earned big profits from fishing activities in the territorial waters of Russia owing to the bilateral agreement on a series of issues on cooperation in the fisheries, but has recklessly jumped on the growing US sanctions bandwagon recently.

Enraged by the treacherous behaviour of Japan, Russia has taken the resolute measure to suspend intergovernmental negotiations on fishing activities this time.


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