Chinese FM denounces Japan-based GIs as cause of insecurity

December 10, 2023

A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China on December 5 lambasted the US forces stationed in Japan for being the cause of insecurity in Japan.

In relation to a recent crash of a transport plane belonging to Japan-based US forces into the waters off Kagoshima Prefecture, he recalled that CV-22 Osprey had caused several serious accidents to inflict many casualties and make others go missing.

Although the US forces keep pretending to defend peace and stability in the region, they act at their will under the wing of extraterritoriality and although they claim to protect the security of their allied country, they are the source of insecurity of the country, he said.

He stressed that the US should properly consider the anxiety of the locals and investigate in detail the cause of the accident with a sincere and responsible attitude.


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