Press release of Tenth Plenary Meeting of Eighth Central Committee of the WPK

July 2, 2024

Members and alternate members of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea by-elected at the Tenth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth WPK Central Committee are as follows:

Members of the WPK Central Committee: Kim Chung Song, Sung Jong Gyu, Kim Jong Sun, Ri Yong Sik

Alternate members of the WPK Central Committee: Jong Myong Su, Ri Myong Guk, Jon Hyang Sun, Jo Sok Ho, Choe Hyok Chol, O Myong Chol, Kim Song Chol, Ju Hyon Ung, Kim Chol, Choe Yong Il, Ri Yong Hyop, Ri Song Bong

Department director of the WPK Central Committee appointed at the plenary meeting: Kim Jong Sun 

Cadres of government organs and a key post appointed at the plenary meeting: Vice-Premier of the Cabinet Jong Myong Su, Minister of Finance Ri Myong Guk, Chairwoman of the Central Committee of the Socialist Women's Union of Korea Jon Hyang Sun 


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