Growing tendency towards development of outer space for peaceful purposes

August 11, 2022

Iran has recently paid close attention to the development of outer space for peaceful purposes amid the brisk international efforts for that.

In June this year, Iran announced that it worked out an independent ten-year plan for the development of outer space on the basis of success in its carrier rocket and satellite development during the past 20 years.

According to its major space development goals, it will increase state investment in the development of civilian satellites for securing earth observation technology for peaceful purposes and environmental science and meteorological observation technology and encourage different research institutions to actively participate in the programme.

According to the sci-tech and knowledge-based economic development policy, it will introduce an innovative space science and technology system, commercialize space science and technology and knowledge, produce relevant goods on a commercial scale and provide relevant service, and increase commercial investment in the research and development field.

At the same time, it will intensify space observation including that of the solar system, Mercury, Mars and the moon, and research into the application of space science and technology such as earth observation, navigation and communications.

Iran purposefully pushes forward the development of carrier and satellite according to the national space development plan.

Shortly ago, it successfully launched a homemade scientific research satellite.

The recent satellite launch was reportedly a test in which an artificial satellite weighing 220kg was sent into the trajectory at an altitude of 500km.

Meanwhile, India is also making efforts for the development of outer space.

It is now building a new space launch site.

Kulasekarapattinam in the southern part of India is said to be the second launch site being built for its space development plan.

The Minister of State for Science and Technology of India said that it is expected that the launch of a rocket will be ready in the new space launch site by 2024 or 2025.

The country is now operating one space launch site equipped with two launch pads.

There is problem in launching large rockets at this launch site, but in case of small rockets, there is great impediment since the fuel carrying capacity of rockets is limited.

That is why India has longed for the construction of a space launch site capable of launching small rockets without passing the airspace of Sri Lanka.

The new launch site is said to be an ideal position for the launch of small rockets.

When the new launch site is built, small rockets manufactured by newly-rising local businesses can go up straightly toward the pole by loading a small amount of fuel.

Therefore, the construction of a new space launch site has become a matter of concern for the space development field of India and domestic and foreign customers who are desirous of the launch of small satellites.

And the Indian space research organization said that the country launched a PSLV-C53 space rocket carrying three Singaporean satellites on June 30.

International efforts will get brisker to develop vast outer space.


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