Syria’s endeavour for defending national sovereignty, territorial integrity

March 8, 2023

March 8 is the day of revolution of Syria. Marking the anniversary, the Syrian people look back upon the past history with self-pride.

The Syrian people, who had long been subjected to domination by foreign invaders, won national independence just after the Second World War and proclaimed the Syrian Arab Republic in September 1961. Later, internal reactionary forces’ coup and assassination attempts persisted in the country owing to the moves of the imperialists. As the complicated and unstable situation was created in the country, the Syrian people and service personnel loving justice and truth overthrew the corrupt and incompetent reactionary regime and established a new government by carrying out a revolution under the guidance of the Arab Baath Socialist Party on March 8 1963.

The revolution on March 8 was a historic event of great significance in their just struggle to defend national independence and dignity. Since the victorious revolution, they have worked hard to defend national sovereignty and dignity under the leadership of the party. They have fought staunchly against the undisguised  interference in their internal affairs, military pressure and economic sanctions by the US and other Western countries while maintaining the independent stand against the imperialists and bolstered up unity and cooperation with Arab countries.

At present, the Syrian government is working hard to realize the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

A crisis has been going on for several years in this country. It is because the US and foreign forces are aiding rebel forces as they illegally station their troops under the pretext of “anti-terror war”.

The Syrian government has strongly urged the US troops to pull out. It is working to put an end to the crisis and achieve social stability.

By setting the stabilization of the people’s livelihood as a priority task, it has taken measures to further expand the construction of residential districts, consolidate the position of national currency and achieve the sustainable development of agriculture. It channels big efforts into the work of taking good care of the families of service personnel who fell in the anti-terror fight, as well as persons with disabilities.

In particular, it is engaged in activities for clearing the aftermaths of earthquake that hit the country in February this year.

The struggle of the Syrian government and people for realizing national sovereignty and territorial integrity has won the support of broad international community.

China, Iran, Lebanon and other countries are censuring the military intervention and sanctions of external forces against Syria and expressing firm solidarity to the Syrian people.

Iranian President Seyed Ebrahim Raisi strongly demanded the US troops’ pull out from Syria at the talks with the Syrian minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates who visited Iran in July last year.

Saying that the US troops pullout from Syria and the whole of West Asia is the fundamental way for tiding over the regional crisis, he expressed his belief that the Syrian people would win victory through the resistance and greet a happy future.

The Syrian government and people will surely bear good fruit in their efforts to put an end to serious political and military crisis forced by foreign forces and achieve the country’s peace and national unity.


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