A series of terror attacks destroy social stability

February 10, 2023

Bomb attack and different other  terror incidents are on the increase in many countries, taking the lives of many innocent people to cause social unrest. 

At the dawn of January 4, two simultaneous bomb attacks claimed the lives of at least ten and injured seven in a city in the middle part of Somalia. Most of the casualties from the bomb explosions were civilians. 

Such incidents occur regardless of the time in the country.

In October last year, more than 100 were killed and 300 others injured in two rounds of car bomb attacks against the government organs of the country.

Afghanistan, which has been reduced to a theatre of bomb terror, is counted as one of the most unstable countries in the world. 

Mosques, markets and schools, where many people gather, have been major targets. Last year alone, lots of casualties were witnessed in various provinces including the one in the northern part of the country. In late November, 15 were killed and 22 wounded in an explosion in an Afghan school.

According to official data, 397 civilians were killed and 756 wounded due to the suicidal terror or bomb attacks in half a year from August 2021. Due to frequent bomb attacks, people in the country live under the constant threat against lives.

As bomb explosions are on the rise, unrest and fear have persisted in Pakistan.

The biggest incident took place in a mosque in the northwestern part of the country last year, which claimed the lives of 56 and injured about 200 since the bomb exploded at the time when huge crowds thronged there.

Bomb explosions and other terror attacks took place one after another in Iraq and Syria.

All the countries in utter social confusion and crisis are just those in the clutches of aggression and domination of the US and other Western countries. Wherever there is foreign interference, contradiction, confrontation and conflict become aggravated between religious denominations and between tribes without exception and terrorist forces swagger about in unstable social environment.


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