African countries pursue sustainable development

January 5, 2023

The efforts of African countries to foster sustainable development by exploiting their potentials grab the limelight of the international community.

Recently, the minister of business and housing of the federal government of Nigeria said the government works to ease the shortage of infrastructure at institutions of higher learning and encourages investment in the field of education at the ceremony of transferring newly built road and parking lot at the campus of YABA TECH.

Nigeria directs a great deal of energies to economic growth in various sectors while ensuring financial security in the field of education.

NRDS II is aimed at attaining self-sufficiency in rice production, food and nutritional security and producing enough rice to export and spare in the coming ten years. 

On December 1 2022, the Nigerian government published a road map for building renewable energy production capacity by 2050.

Uganda has taken positive measures to alleviate the food shortage.

The Ugandan minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office introduced various projects the government has planned for agricultural development by 2030 at a meeting held in an institute.

According to him, the Ugandan government implements a variety of agricultural projects including the construction of medium- and small-sized irrigation facilities along with the large-scale introduction of farming methods for ensuring food security.

The national agricultural institute of Uganda began to cultivate a bean variety with a short growing period as part of its effort to relieve famine and the growing period of bean seeds biologically enriched with iron and zinc was shortened from the previous 90 days to 60 days.

Senegal is building houses for 100 000 families.

The minister of urban planning of the country said the construction project conforms to the plan of the president to narrow the gap between regions. Having started in 2019, the project is expected to be completed in five years.


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