Distinctive service environment, alluring taste of dishes

November 24, 2022

The full-service ship, Mujigae, wins special favour with a wide range of visitors. 

The ceilings and walls inside the ship are decorated with patterns of waves and portholes to highlight the characteristics of a floating service ship, the balcony of the cylindrical hall on the first floor is shaped like a hull, and the backs of chairs are all designed like a steering wheel. The environment of each dining room is so varied and unique that visitors express open admiration for them.

According to its employee Jang Son Nyo, every visitor aboard the Mujigae says that they like it as it is designed to provide cozy, fascinating yet intimate atmosphere and they feel like entering a luxury hotel.

At the hall on the ground floor visitors first turn their steps to the water tank teeming with sturgeons.

There are similar water tanks on the first floor. Sturgeons, Ryongjong fish and carps moving around them are served as tasty dishes at the request of diners.

Hundreds of kinds of dishes are served at the restaurants of the ship and their tastes are very impressive.

The traditional food restaurant on the ground floor serves sinsollo, Pyongyang cold noodles, mung-bean pancake, kimchi and other traditional dishes and the buffet restaurant on the first floor foreign dishes including roasted piglet and omelette.

Cooks skilfully make dishes ordered by diners in front of them by exhibiting various technical skills with deft hands.

The 350-seater outdoor deck restaurant is always full of diners.

According to waitress Hong Jin Sun, it is really impressive to see the beautiful sights along the Taedong River while drinking Taedonggang Beer.

The banquet hall is widely used for wedding ceremonies of young men and women who get married.

Visitors enjoy buying souvenirs with the logo of the Mujigae.

People describe the ship as a “place they frequently visit for its distinctive service environment with alluring taste of dishes”, said the employees.


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