Full-service ship adds beauty to Taedong River

November 24, 2022

The general service ship Mujigae afloat on the Taedong River is the first sight drawing the attention of passers-by along the riverside opposite the Tower of the Juche Idea.

Launched in 2015, the Mujigae (rainbow) has a total floor space of over 11 390 square metres and is 120 metres long and 25 metres wide with an accommodation capacity of some 1 230 clients.

It has a beautiful appearance as the name suggests and its interior arouses friendly sentiment for the distinctive features and charms peculiar to each floor.

The ground and first floors are open in the middle to give the impression of entering a large hotel entrance hall. On the ground floor there are a Korean food restaurant, soft-drink room, café and shop.

Different needs of different clients are met by kind and sincere service in various dining rooms, a banquet hall and a belt buffet on the first floor which are designed originally and artistically and to which plastic arts are applied, a deck restaurant on the second floor and a revolving sightseeing restaurant on the third floor.

The graceful appearance of the ship stands out by the mellow illumination and lighting effects on the ship at night.

The beauty of the Taedong in the evening is enhanced by the Mujigae emitting light as charming as rainbow in addition to the breathtaking sights of the blazing torch of the Tower of the Juche Idea, the dancing fountains bathed in lights of different colours, the distinctive illuminations of the Taedong and Okryu bridges and brightly-lit Changjon Street and Mirae Scientists Street situated along the river.

Lots of people spent a good time on the ship in the past seven years.


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