Health complex and ice rink under same roof

November 19, 2023

On the banks of the picturesque Taedong River in Pyongyang stand the Ryugyong Health Complex and the People’s Open-Air Ice Rink, linked by a single, wavy roof.

Kim Myong Suk, official of the Ryugyong Health Complex, said that 11 years have passed since the complex was built as a modern cultural and welfare facility under the care of Chairman Kim Jong Il and the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, adding that a total of more than 10 million people, including youth and students, have received service there since its inauguration.

With an accommodation capacity of over 7 200 people, the complex offers various services such as bath, hairdressing, massage and therapeutic exercises.

Pak Hyang Mi, an attendant, said that customers enjoy the sauna very much, adding the pine, salt and stalactite saunas are much favoured as they have some curative effects.

The therapeutic exercise room is always crowded with people who are into physical training.

Young people train themselves on weight trainers and old people ride exercise cycles.

A resident of Tongdaewon District said that her back pain faded after she started using a rotary exercise machine. Ryu Sung Chol, a staffer of the Jonsong information technology company, said that as he rests on an acoustic massage chair with his back being gently rubbed and kneaded, hearing the light music from the built-in loudspeaker, he feels relieved of fatigue and refreshed in an instant.

Customers say that the excellent service at the Ryugyong Health Complex makes them feel younger and reinvigorated and also reluctant to leave.

The People’s Open-air Ice Rink next to the complex is also frequented by many working people, youth and students.

Kim Jong Un visited the ice rink three times in 2012 alone, said manager Ri Jong Ho, adding that he gave detailed instructions on the management and operation of the ice rink, saying that as it is a public skating rink, it needs well-furnished places for lending skates and grinding blades and that it is necessary to lay a rubber pad around the rink so that skaters can walk on it and to smooth the ice regularly as it is used by many people.

More than 1.3 million people, including foreigners, have enjoyed a pleasant time at the ice rink so far.

On the silvery ice, some girls slide forward and backward in figure skates while young boys perform jumping, spinning and other skillful movements without effort.

Han Sun Hui, a skating instructor, said that regular skating promotes good health and, especially, strengthens bones of students and children, adding a great number of students learned to skate at the ice rink.

“Whenever I look at my daughter enjoying skating in the rink, I feel grateful to the Workers’ Party for providing such a wonderful people’s open-air ice rink,” said Kim Un Hui, a woman living in Taedonggang District.


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