Changtho pine forest in Mt Kumgang

March 12, 2023

Changtho pine forest in Mt Kumgang, a world-famous mountain of the DPRK, is at the entrance to Singye Valley in the Kuryong Pool district of Outer Kumgang.

A living monument, it forms a thick forest with big and old pine trees and other pine trees of different sizes and ages.

Tall trees are 16-18 metres high in general, with the girth of a root neck measuring 60-80cm and the girth of a chest height 50-60cm. 

The forest has been called Changtho pine forest since olden times as there was an armoury for storing such weapons as spears to repel foreign aggressors.

On his visit to the place site after Korea’s liberation, President Kim Il Sung said that pine trees in the site were very beautiful and Mt Kumgang might have seemed dull if there had not been such trees, however beautiful its scenery might be, adding that they should be tended well and protected with deep care from any possible wildfire.

The forest is preserved as a natural ornamental forest adding beauty to Mt Kumgang and as a precious asset of the country.


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