Animals bring forth young at Central Zoo

August 14, 2022

Many animals have multiplied at the Central Zoo to make people pleased.

The Korean tigress in the wild beast cage brought forth three cubs on April 3.

It is said that the tigress, born in 2017, gave birth to cubs for the second time.

Among them, two cubs are females and another one is male. They live on their mother’s milk and their nutrition is normal.

The Korean tiger, known as biggest among tigers, weighs well over a hundred kilograms and its body is over three metres long including the tail.

Its back is vivid yellow in colour, 24 black stripes lay across it and there are five black stripes on its white stomach.

The number and width of these black stripes differ according to the kinds of tiger and its pattern is wider and clearer than other species.

Last year, the Korean tigresses delivered five cubs to make people happy and people are very glad to see that Korean tigers have increased again this year.

Young Humboldt penguins hatched out eggs on May 1.

They have given birth to young Humboldt penguins on four occasions after nestling at the zoo.

It is generally known that it is difficult to breed penguins under artificial raising conditions, but the Central Zoo has been breeding Humboldt penguins for four years.

The present growing conditions of young penguins are normal and they grow under the care of parents.

A spitz dropped three pups at the dog house on June 1 and a Dalmatian threw a litter of five puppies on June 30. This year, over 50 new dogs nestled at the zoo.

Clever and cheerful spitz and nimble, active and sociable Dalmatian younglings make visitors pleasant while making all kinds of sweet gestures.

Besides, Papio hanadryas and Popio doguera reproduced one after another at the monkey house and white crane multiplied at the songbirds’ cage. Over 90 kinds of animals produced more than 400 young at the Central Zoo from the beginning of this year to June.

The Central Zoo sees that much more animals will reproduce until late this year.


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