Dendrolite on Moran Hill a natural monument

December 3, 2023

There is a fossil tree on Moran Hill, an iconic scenic spot in the capital city of Pyongyang, affording you a glimpse of the geological history of Korea.

The dendrolite near Chongnyu Cliff was formed when a tree growing by the lakeside was buried in a geological process and its cellular spaces were filled with silicon components dissolved in underground water in the closing days of the Jurassic period in the Mesozoic era dating back to about 200 million-175 million years ago. 

It is the fossil of a gymnosperm which was luxuriant at that time.

It was confirmed that the tree is a type of pine.

Its internal structure and annual rings are vividly seen on the sections of its trunk.

Unearthed from the layers similar to that of the dendrolite were a variety of fossil plants like bracken and cycad.

The dendrolite on Moran Hill is of great significance in the study of geology and paleontology.



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