Natural monument—Chongdo abrasion cave

July 17, 2024

 The Chongdo abrasion cave is situated in a hilly area about 30 metres away from the seashore of Hongwon.

The hilly area made up of granite cataclasite was an islet close to land. Its soft part was abraded by seawater to form the cave.

Later, the islet slowly rose up and the cave became larger. Sands carried by a river and the sea piled up to connect the islet and land.

It is some 10 metres long and an area of 20 square metres in the cave is filled with seawater. The cave is 12 metres wide and nine metres high at the place adjoining the sea level .

The cave adds more beauty to the coastal scenery and is of great academic significance as it clearly shows crustal oscillation, the change in seawater, abrasion and deposition by rivers and sea. 


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