Old hotel refurbished to stay popular among tourists

October 6, 2019

The Haebangsan Hotel is in downtown Pyongyang.

Located in the centre of city transport near the picturesque Taedong River, it is known as one of the oldest hotels in the DPRK.

Boasting seventy-odd-year history, it is a five-storey building with a total floor space of 16 000 square metres.

It was elegantly refurbished to meet the demand of the developing times by combining classical beauty with modern styles, thus giving guests a comfortable feeling and sense of security.

It is provided with all conditions for the convenience of guests, including over 130 rooms, several dining halls, karaoke room, café, teahouse, shop, billiard room, table tennis room, bookshop and international communications room.

According to manager Jo Ryong Gi, the hotel is always crowded with foreign tourists and overseas compatriots and the hotel staff do their best to provide them with better board and lodging and facilities.

Excellent service and cookery always satisfy guests.

“As most of our guests are overseas Koreans and Chinese tourists, we serve such traditional dishes as Pyongyang cold noodles, Pyongyang onban (meat soup with rice in it), bean paste soup and barbecue and Chinese foods as well,” said Kim Nam Su, an official in charge of cooking who has worked there for over 30 years.

According to him, many Chinese guests express satisfaction, saying fried mullet with juice, oxtail soup and seasoned boletus are better than those in China and barbecue has unique flavour.

The birthday service for guests is a long-standing tradition of the hotel.

“Many guests who celebrate their birthday here are very surprised and impressed by our service and they say they feel fraternal love in the DPRK,” said Ri Hyon Hui, an official in charge of service.

Last year, the hotel’s interior was given a facelift with over 1 200 square metres of corridors decorated with new finishing materials and distinctive lamps.

“Overseas Koreans who often stay at our hotel say that though it is an old building, it undergoes a change in appearance every year, which reflects the changing looks of the homeland,” said Ri Kyong Sim, a long-time hotel worker.


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