Educator devotes himself to development of sports

February 9, 2023

Kim Yong Il, instructor of the Pothonggang District teachers in-service training centre in Pyongyang, has been working in the sports educational sector for nearly 40 years.

During the period, he made many successes admired by public as an educator.

Teacher of good students 

Among the students learned from him, many were awarded official commendations including DPRK Hero Pak Jong Su, who rescued the revolutionary slogans written by anti-Japanese guerrillas, eternal assets of the Korean revolution, in the unexpected flames and died a heroic death, Labour Hero O Kum Hui, a player of the Korean youth women’s football team, who won a trophy at  the Third World Youth Women’s Football Championship  and a sportsperson who is active as an international football referee.

In 1991, he had worked as a football instructor of a middle school in Pothonggang District and when a new football class was formed, he took charge of the class. 

His work was laborious since he had to not only teach students football technics but also train them into the pillars of the country, who are knowledgeable, morally sound and physically strong, and he was in charge of the football group of the school.

He implanted patriotic spirit into students before teaching them football techniques, and his sincere love and devotion became a stepping-stone for the growth of disciples.

An educator, he made painstaking efforts to put himself on a par with developing reality, won the title of October 8 model teacher and received certificates of registration of new teaching methods and of creation of experimental apparatuses and teaching aids. 

Teacher of teachers

Kim Yong Il, who had remained loyal to the educational work with his ability and actual results, came to take on a new office as an instructor of the Pothonggang District teachers in-service training centre in 2015.

He thought deeply about how to guide and lead the sports education of schools in the district.

The main thing was to enhance the role of sports teachers who were in direct charge of sports education.

While engaging in inspection of classes  at work and meetings for joint review, he put much effort to raising the qualifications and abilities of teachers.

Especially, he rendered positive help to creating new teaching methods while making all the teachers acquire the global trend of development of education.

It happened last year when Ho Kwang Myong, a teacher of Pulgungori Junior Middle School, was creating a new teaching method.

He set an ambitious goal for Ho so that he could invent a new teaching method that conforms to the development trend of modern sports free from previous teaching methods.

And he gave him a hint of new idea and guided him meticulously in the creation of the new teaching method from teaching design to programming.

 “I would deeply be impressed by Kim Yong Il who is more enthusiastic than others in work though he is nearly 60. It was the manifestation of the clean conscience, before the sense of responsibility for work, of him who is determined to contribute to the development of the country’s education,” Ho Kwang Myong recalled. 

Thanks to his positive and selfless assistance, Ho and many other teachers could acquire high abilities and thus Pothonggang District takes the first place in sports education throughout the capital city.

Even today, Kim continues to follow the road of conscience and devotion for the future of the country.


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