Premier league takes on interesting features

June 30, 2024

More than 30 matches of the second round of the 2023-2024 DPRK Premier League have been played so far.

The fierce competition is taking on some interesting features.

Firstly, there are mixed opinions that the result of the second round is hard to predict and there might be changes in the rankings of the premier league.

Especially, April 25, Sobaeksu, Amnokgang and Ryomyong teams which took the top four places in the first round remain the focus of attention.

The national powers are playing the second-round matches in a responsible manner building on the lessons and experience from the first round, which is manifested in the fact that there is only one-point gaps between them.

Experts noted that these four teams will possibly go through a fierce battle for the title.

The second feature that draws attention is that the number of goals is increasing as compared to the first round.

For instance, more than four goals were scored in 16 out of some 30 matches of the second round, but it took over 60 matches in the first round to reach the same number.

Experts ascribed the increase in goals to the intensified offensive forces.

Many teams are now seeking offensive games as their performance suggests. Until the last season, there had been some distinctions between attack- and defence-oriented teams. However, all the second-round matches were fierce seesaw battles from the kickoff and the transition from defence to attack got much quicker to unfold thrilling scenes more frequently.

Another point of interest that the premier league shows is that many teams, including Jebi, April 25 and Hwaeppul, are making effective use of substitutes to turn the tide of the games.

A typical example was the match between Jebi and Kigwancha held on May 15.

In the run-up to the match, experts and fans analyzed the attack and scoring abilities of both teams and predicted that Kigwancha would win.

As if to prove this, the team scored two goals in succession in the 68th and 73rd minutes and it seemed almost certain that it would win the match.

But in the 75th minute, the Jebi coach put in player No. 4 with fast speed and high one-to-one dribbling capacity, which immediately brought about changes in the team’s rhythm, tempo and game plan.

Jebi’s first goal was made by No. 4 in the 78th minute and No. 26 scored the equalizer in the 89th minute, concluding the game in a 2-2 draw.

A total of 11 substitutes have scored in the 30-odd matches of the second round of the premier league.


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