Taekwon-Doist with strike capability as sharp as dagger

March 26, 2023

Kim Ryu Gyong, Taekwon-Do player at the National Taekwon-Do Training Centre of the Korean Taekwon-Do Committee, has been designated as one of the top ten DPRK players of the year 2022.

Though her playing career is short, she has notched up considerable successes in matches.

Last year she got gold medals at women's individual third dan pattern, individual special technique and team sparring events of the National Martial Arts Championships and won the individual technical prize. She also obtained two golds and lifted the Taekwon-Do star cup at the national Taekwon-Do all-star tournament.

She has taken first place at annual Taekwon-Do tournaments in recent years to distinguish herself as a promising player.

Especially, she cut a conspicuous figure in the international arena.

She made her international debut at the 21st Taekwon-Do World Championships in Bulgaria in August 2019 and bagged three golds by winning women's team pattern, team sparring and women's self-defence events and two silvers at such events as women's individual pattern.

According to experts, her playing is fascinating as she puts her opponent at a disadvantage by feints and a surprise counterattack and makes a high jump for a powerful turning kick at a decisive moment to get a score.

It is not confined to sparring, they say.

She is proficient in pattern, self-defence and different other events.

Born to a worker's family in Kaesong, she was very fond of the national martial art in her childhood.

Having been selected as an up-and-coming player, she was admitted to the Taekwon-Do Hall in Pyongyang to undergo training.

“Kim Ryu Gyong is fast in reaction and correct in decision-making. In a word, she knows well when to launch attack,” said coach Han Jong Ae.

Kim trains hard to be polished physically, technically and tactically.

“After being designated as one of the top ten Taekwon-Do players of the country in 2019, I have had such honour in 2022 for the second time. I get more attached to Taekwon-Do as I achieve growing success. I’ll exert myself to dominate future competitions,” she said.


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