Competent women’s boxing coach

August 21, 2022

Pak Chol Jun (pictured) who coached Pang Chol Mi to victory in the 51kg event of the 2018 World Women’s Boxing Championships is known as a competent coach in the DPRK’s boxing circles.

He has trained lots of players in his career but cut a conspicuous figure after training Pang to become a world champion.

In recent years, Pak has worked hard to help Pang maintain her position as an ace in the 51kg category. As a result, she snatched another gold at the Mangyongdae Prize Games held in celebration of the Day of the Sun last year.

After analyzing in detail Pang’s performance at the event, he established a new goal for training.

It was to take a crack at another weight category title.

While applying new training means and methods, he made exact demands on her to acquire agile movement, sudden strike and various punching techniques at a high level.

He also adopted advanced training methods and made sure that she carried out all training processes from physical to technical training in a scientific way.

In particular, he organized lots of training matches so that she could refine her special techniques and play all matches in a technical and tactical manner.

According to Pang, the training matches seemed too much for her at that time.

“I realized later that my coach prepared the opponents in such a way that I could spot my weaknesses and overcome them. Through the training matches, I improved my techniques and acquired the ability to cope with different situations effectively,” said Pang.

She snatched a gold medal at the 57kg category women’s boxing of the national championships held late last year by fully demonstrating her special techniques.

In recognition of such successes, Pak was selected as one of the top ten coaches of the DPRK for the third time last year.


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