World Table Tennis Day marked

April 29, 2023

An event to commemorate World Table Tennis Day 2023 took place at the Table Tennis Gymnasium on Chongchun Street in Pyongyang on April 23.

The International Table Tennis Federation set April 23, birth anniversary of its founder and first president, as World Table Tennis Day in order to contribute to realizing the Olympic ideal for building a peaceful world by arousing public interest in table tennis and encouraging larger numbers of people to play it and train and harmoniously develop their body and mind.

The event was attended by officials of the Table Tennis Association of the DPRK, coaches, instructors, players and students from the April 25 Team, Hwaeppul Sports Club and juvenile sports school of the Ministry of Physical Culture and Sports.

In his speech made at the event, Hong Myong Ryong, chairman of the association, said that all of us would get strong body, sound mind and delight and optimism in life through table tennis and the event would mark a significant occasion in further stimulating public interest in the sport and giving a powerful spur to developing its techniques.

That day, Kim Hyok Bong and Kim Jong, mixed doubles champions at the 52nd world table-tennis championships, respectively paired with young players to play a match.

“I am so happy with playing with instructor Kim Jong in a pair today. I will be a table tennis star just like her in the future,” said Hong Kwon, pupil of Hasinhung Primary School of Songchongang District, Hamhung.

After the match, coaches Ri Kun Sang and Yu Sun Bok, who won fame as a “moving wall” and “offensive-oriented player” in the past, officiated a technical workshop to hand their experience and technical skills over to young players.


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