AFC Grassroots Football Day marked

May 17, 2023

An event took place at East Pyongyang Stadium on May 15 to commemorate AFC Grassroots Football Day.

It was attended by officials of the DPRK Football Association and teachers and students of Pyongyang International Football School and Pyongyang Municipal Football School and parents of the students.

Yun Jong Ho, minister of External Economic Relations, who doubles as chairman of the Football Association, made a speech.

Saying that the ever-growing public interest in football constitutes a firm foundation for developing football techniques of the country, he called for motivating many more people to play football in the future to reliably guarantee a rosy future of the country’s football.

Then there was a demonstration of basic technical movements of football by boy and girl students.

The participants, divided into two teams, played an 11-metre penalty kick and a football match and enjoyed themselves as they had their photos taken.


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