Men’s volleyball final of national spring sports festival held

April 24, 2023

On April 15 there was the final of the senior male volleyball event (class A) between the April 25 and Amnokgang teams during the national spring sports festival 2023 that opened on March 17. 

The match drew the great attention of spectators and TV viewers as volleyball is one of popular mass sports in the DPRK and it was a game between the two local powers.

At 09:00 sharp, the match started after the referee blew his whistle for the beginning of the game. 

From the outset the April 25 put its rival on the defensive and took the initiative by dint of captivating, powerful smashes.

The senior coach of the Amnokgang tried for tactical change several times in order to reverse the tide of the match but the team failed to make due successes until the end of the first round.

The April 25 launched into the second round in the spirit of having won the first round. From the half of the second round, however, the team was caught up by the offensive tactics of the tenacious opponent.

The senior coach of the April 25 called a time out as the team was one score behind its rival when the latter had four scores left to end the round.

Members of the April 25 were all smiles at a few words of the coach. Later the tide of the match was reversed and the team won the round, too, without allowing its opponent any single point.

The third round of the match was really fierce as it took place as a decisive one with each of the teams having fully understood its rival’s ability through the previous rounds.

The April 25 employed three-person shutout tactics to check offensive by the Amnokgang and the latter made its main attacker stand on the spot between No. 1 and No. 2 and did false smashes from the positions of No. 3 and No. 4 to deceive the opponent, thus raising the rate of successful smashing.

To cope with it, the April 25 let a player good at receiving the ball participate in the round to organize safe defence and used tactics of dropping the ball on the front attack zone of the rival as its members were in the back zone.

The seesaw battle brought the scores to a draw, 28-28, with spectators’ cheers reaching the climax.  

At the moment when the issue would be decided by a team changing the tide of the match, the senior coach of the Amnokgang replaced two main players with others with special ability in service and blocking.

Thus the team scored points by dint of service and blocking to bring the match to the fourth round.

In the round where the seesaw battle further intensified the April 25 won decisive victory, being awarded the trophy of the volleyball event.

The spectators were deeply impressed by No. 11 of both teams.

In particular, Yun Jong Ryong, playmaker of the Amnokgang, quickly judged the tide of the match and skilfully organized the playing of his team, making a great contribution to putting the senior coach’s tactical intention into practice. Spectators referred to him as an all-rounder as he was good at both smashing and defence. 

Pyon Jang Gon of the April 25 was an alternate and overawed the rival team by means of strong jump serves and powerful smashes, thus contributing to his team’s win. 


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