S. Korea's denuclearization argument dismissed as nonsense

June 14, 2020

“It is really preposterous for the south Korean authorities to make balderdash although they are disqualified to discuss, or have no position to poke their noses into, the matters between the DPRK and the US, to say nothing of the nuclear issue, while talking about the resumption of the DPRK-US dialogue and interpreting the issue of denuclearization at their own choice,” said Kwon Jong Gun, director-general of the Department of US Affairs of the DPRK Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in a statement on Saturday.

The statement came after the south Korean top diplomat made presumptuous remarks on June 12 that they would make sustainable efforts for an earlier resumption of the DPRK-US dialogue and that efforts should be made continuously for the complete denuclearization and the establishment of a permanent peace mechanism on the Korean peninsula.

Reminding them of an advice given exactly one year ago to stop fooling around in such a nasty manner and immediately drop out of the issue of the DPRK-US relationship, the director-general derided the south Korean authorities for working to seek an excuse to meddle in even at present.

DPRK-US dialogue has gone away and denuclearization has been blown off not because there is no mediator, but because "conditions are not met" for the denuclearization, he explained by using the catchphrase that is often used in the south.

While looking at their demeanor of parroting denuclearization, he said, he was stunned by the stupidity of the south Korean authorities who do not have any basic idea about what conditions are needed and how many difficulties should be broken through in order to realize the denuclearization.

When things come to this point, they have to know their own place even though they are so much eager to be reckoned with, he advised.

"To make it clear, we will keep building up our force in order to overpower the persistent threats from the US, and such our efforts are incessantly going on even at this moment.

"If they want to deal with us, they will have to approach us after racking their brains and finding another method," he said.

The DPRK is not what it was two years ago and it changes even today and will change continuously as ever in a tremendous way, he said, likening the denuclearization argument to the barks of dogs.


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