Kim Yo Jong: S. Korea to keenly realize how high price they will have to pay for perfidy

June 17, 2020

“It was utterly sickening to listen to the speeches of the south Korean chief executive, though made in the capacity of the ‘president’, as it was devoid of any sense of responsibility towards the nation and will, and any direction and measures for straightening out the current situation, but interspersed with self-defence, evasions of responsibility and deep-rooted big-power worship,” said Kim Yo Jong, first deputy department director of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, on Wednesday.

The statement came after the south Korean chief executive made lengthy speeches on two consecutive occasions on Monday at the meeting of chief secretaries and advisers of the Blue House and through the video message addressed to the “event in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the June 15 declaration”.

The following are the excerpts from the statement:

String of rhetoric mistaking the means for the end

Everyone knows that the current grave situation was caused by the human scum who recklessly scattered anti-DPRK leaflets and the south Korean authorities who connived at the outrage.

Then the south Korean chief executive should have voiced his apology, repentance and firm pledge to prevent the recurrence of such reckless act in his speeches.

But his talks were consistent with flowery words jumbling up excuses and tricks for evading responsibility, without any mention of the means and the end.

The anti-DPRK leaflet-scattering by the dregs of society and the south Korean authorities’ connivance at it are not a matter that can be glossed over with such abstract embellishment.

The fundamental problem lies in that the south side intentionally eroded mutual respect and confidence that are the basis and starting point of north-south relations.

They dared to defame our Chairman, the supreme dignity that is the very central core of what we hold sacred, and at the same time committed the most reckless act of mocking all our people.

How could such an act be viewed as the deed of “some”, be denounced merely as a “troublesome and difficult problem” and be approached simply with a “heavy heart”?

I repeatedly say that the defiant defamation of the Chairman who represents our dignity amounts to hurting the spiritual core of our people, and it is the ideological thought and feeling of all our people and our national trait that they would never forgive whoever did it.

The south Korean chief executive, however, made no admission of what they did wrong and showed no trace of repentance, to say nothing of any measures.

It is only dastards who seek to shift the blame for their misdeed onto others.

Could north-south relations be reversed with a few honeyed words, now that confidence has completely been undermined and aversion has reached extremes?

Shameless sophism for shifting responsibility

The south Korean chief executive is a party responsible for forging ahead with the north-south ties.

As a party who not only signed the historic Panmunjom Declaration and Pyongyang Joint Declaration but also assured the 80 million fellow countrymen a rosy destiny and future of the nation, it is quite natural for him to take a standpoint and attitude of taking full responsibility for north-south relations irrespective of whether they turn out good or bad.

But a close scrutiny into his recent speeches shows that he attributed all failures in the ties to any external factors.

He said he “also feels deep regret over the fact that south-north relations have failed to make progress as expected”, but is it the standpoint and attitude to be taken by the so-called “head of state” to just express vague expectation and regret?

What cannot be overlooked is he said as to the current serious situation that he fears the north might go back to the past era of confrontation as it denounces the leaflet-scattering by the scum and the south and cuts off communications, and he hoped that the problem would be settled through communication and cooperation.

It should be said that every word of his sophism reeks of shamelessness and impudence.

Who has feigned to be blind and dumb over our advice and admonition to re-adopt the standpoint and attitude as a master responsible for relations and thrown away trust and promise just like a pair of old shoes?

Paragraph 1 of Article 2 of the Panmunjom Declaration stipulates that both sides shall discontinue all hostile acts including broadcasting through loudspeakers and scattering of leaflets in the areas along the Military Demarcation Line.

It is clear to anybody that the south Korean authorities are to blame for having left alone the anti-DPRK leaflet-scattering that had been committed on their land, not just once or twice but for such a long period as two years.

The height of his shamelessness is that he reiterated as if the south made lots of efforts for the implementation of the inter-Korean agreements.

Have the south Korean authorities properly implemented even a single paragraph of the Panmunjom Declaration and the September Pyongyang Joint Declaration they are obliged to honour?

He should have taken at least one attitude that he would bear responsibility for what he has done. He is a man who arouses increasing doubt.

Expression of servitude and submission

The south Korean chief executive recently let loose mere rhetoric that he might do something for the north-south relationship even though “no condition is provided”, saying “north-south declarations are the firm principle which should never be shaken”.

However, when he uttered a spate of sycophantic gibberish that the favourable situation is not provided only by the will of the north and the south and he would make strenuous efforts to get the consent of the international community though it might take time, his true nature of worshipping and depending on big powers was fully revealed.

It shows that the plight of him who always reads the face of his master and lives under its thumb is so miserable as to ask the robber for a helping hand, who turned their homeland into a mess, even under the present situation where north-south relations reached such a catastrophic phase.

Even before the ink on the north-south agreement got dry, he accepted the “south Korea-US working group” under his master’s pressure and submitted all problems related to the relations to the White House. This has all boomeranged on him with today’s catastrophic consequences.

The south side must have been clearly aware that their acts could lead to the wanton violation of the north-south agreement when they staged war exercises and offered an astronomical sum of tax-payers’ money to purchase advanced weapons on the orders of the master.

But their blind creed that the “alliance” must be put above the north-south agreement and its power brings peace led them along the path of continued submission and shameless perfidy.

For the past two years, the south Korean authorities have pursued the awkward policy of “good cycle” of north-south relations and DPRK-US relations, rather than national independence, and attached the absolute preconditions of “within the framework of sanctions” even when they belatedly offered to “expand the scope of movement”.

The present situation of inter-Korean relations that have been reduced to a plaything of the US is a tragedy that stemmed from the persistent and deep-seated pro-US flunkeyism and submission of the south Korean authorities.

What matters is that even at this moment of floundering in the quagmire, the south Korean chief executive is showing a wretched sight of catching at the coattail of the outsider.

Even animals do not fall into the same trap.

Judging from his behaviour of vacantly speaking out a spate of foolish remarks nothing short of pricking his eyes with his own finger every time he makes a speech, he seems to be insane though he appears to be normal outwardly.

It is our rigidly fixed judgment that it is no longer possible to discuss north-south relations with such a servile partner who is given to deep-rooted flunkeyism and makes headlong rush to disgrace and self-ruin.

After all, the south Korean authorities are now left with nothing to do with us.

The south Korean authorities will be forced to keenly realize how excruciatingly they will have to pay for breaking faith with us with the passage of time.


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