Public campaign demands traitor Yoon Suk Yeol's resignation in south Korea

May 18, 2023

Public protests have broken out across south Korea against traitor Yoon Suk Yeol's country-selling sycophancy, confrontation with fellow countrymen, fascist dictatorship and murderous misrule on the lapse of one year since he took office.

Protesters in Seoul, Inchon, Pusan, Ulsan, Kwangju, Taegu, Changwon and other parts of south Korea demanded the traitor's resignation on May 10.

The Candlelight Action and other civic organizations held press conferences in different parts of Seoul to disclose the crimes of the traitor.

Yoon's rule only brought about diplomatic disaster, press gag, political crackdown, suppression of labour movement, suppression under the pretext of security, worsened people's living, humiliation, submissive diplomacy and escalating danger of war, speakers said, deploring the past one year witnessed a series of disasters for the people.

Noting that the resignation of Yoon has become a natural demand of the public and the people have already decided to oust him, they said the past one year was like nightmare and more shocking is that nothing will be better in the future. They called for ousting or impeaching him as early as possible.

The Candlelight Action declared that it would continue the candlelight grand march that started in August last year and the one million-signature campaign until Yoon is ousted.

The Seoul council for punishing Yoon's regime, composed of 145 civil society, labour and religious organizations, launched candlelight rallies and demonstrations simultaneously in 16 areas of Seoul including the Kwanghwamun plaza.

The participants said that they can no longer overlook Yoon's misrule, calling on the public to go all out for punishing Yoon's regime. They called for ousting Yoon, noting their future will remain gloomy as long as Yoon goes scot-free.

The council released a declaration.

The declaration termed Yoon's one year in office "repressive prosecution-based dictatorship which plunged people's living into hell and diplomacy into the mire of humiliation."

Today that marks the lapse of one year since Yoon took office is the starting point of the all-out struggle for punishing him, it noted.

Labour organizations, peasant organizations, civil society organizations, cultural and art organizations, religious organizations, women's organizations and others made public declarations on the situation.

The Solidarity for People's Sovereignty and the Progressive Federation of Students issued an appeal and statement demanding the resignation of traitor Yoon.

Noting that the candlelight action simultaneously launched with the traitor's tenure of office as an occasion will get stronger, they called for ousting Yoon who is killing the people.

The south Korean Confederation of Trade Union (KCTU) hosted a "rally for declaring the action for ousting Yoon's regime" in Seoul.

The organization said that the life of workers has been totally destroyed in the past one year, adding that it can never pardon Yoon's regime which has branded the trade union as criminal group of irregularities and corruption. It called for certainly ousting the present regime through an intensive struggle.

Peasants' and the poor people's organizations including the Federation of Peasants Associations joined the struggle of the labour organizations.

Anti-"government" rallies and demonstrations of labour organizations were also launched in Taegu, Taejon, Inchon, Suwon, Kangwon Province of south Korea and other parts of south Korea on May 11.

The 39th candlelight rally and demonstration in Seoul on May 13 highlighted the public will to oust the traitor.

Prior to the rally, the participants honoured the memory of a member of KCTU who committed suicide in protest against the misrule of traitor Yoon.

The speakers called on more people to take to the streets of candlelight action in order to bring down Yoon's regime at any cost, recalling that many workers and other people have turned out in the campaign for impeaching and ousting Yoon.

The participants marched along a roadway to the square in front of the Seoul city office, shouting "No more reason for impeachment of Yoon is needed" and "Let's impeach Yoon and sentence him to 100 years in prison."

Posted on websites were articles with such titles as "No future, we can no longer bear" and "Yoon's one year-long diplomacy studded with incompetence and humiliation destroys history of one hundred years".

Such outcries as "Everything is in crisis" and "We can no longer bear" are heard across south Korea, media recalled, saying that although the public protests are different in their forms, their participants have the single desire to certainly oust Yoon who has been completely forsaken by the public.  


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