Inter-Korean relations already put out of control, senior Party official assesses

June 13, 2020

“It will utterly be mistaken if the Blue House has calculated that it can calm down our people's rage, which has erupted like a volcano, with such a third-rate farce and gloss over the prevailing grim situation with its imprudent words, and this will be another mockery of us,” Jang Kum Chol, director of the United Front Department of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, said on Friday.

His statement came after the Blue House opened a meeting of the permanent committee of the Security Council on June 11 to define the act of scattering leaflets against the north as an act contrary to the laws currently in force and officially made public its stand to seriously respond to the breach of the law and abide by all the agreements reached with the north.

The announcement of the stand of the Blue House sounds like an apology or repentance, and its "resolution to take counteraction" sounds plausible, but it is hard to dispel the suspicion that it is a trick to tide over the prevailing crisis, he said.

The north-south relationship has reached such an uncontrallable phase as the south Korean authorities had no will to keep the words they gave and the commitments they made, as well as no strength to carry them out with determination, and they were weak and incompetent, he pointed out. Given that they barely put to use the laws that were already in place and are still dawdling over a new law in the making, he wondered when the law would be enacted to take effect, he derided.

Even at this moment, the south Korean conservatives are reproaching the authorities, talking about "low-postured attitude towards the north" and "submission", while human scum are making desperate bids pledging themselves to scatter leaflets again on June 15 and 25, rather than discontinuing the defilement of and slander against our supreme dignity, he disclosed.

It is uncertain how the south Korean regime will suppress its master's hindrance and control all sorts of troublemaking noise that is made under the slogan of "freedom of expression" at home, he said, and expressed strong doubt about the south Korean authorities, saying no one will lend an ear to their honey-tongued language as they scrapped even the agreements and declaration which the north and the south committed to implement with their hands held together and on which they stamped seals after a word-by-word study before proclaiming to the world.

The recent incident has smashed to pieces the confidence in the south Korean authorities that we have made so much effort to build, he stated, adding we do not really want to stand face to face with them any longer as they often talk big as if to achieve something great but fail to take even a step in practice.

From now on, the south Korean authorities will have to have truly a regrettable and painful time, he concluded.


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