Press statement of spokesperson of DPRK Foreign Ministry released

May 28, 2024

A spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea issued the following press statement "Hostile acts of infringing upon our inviolable national sovereignty will never be tolerated" on May 27:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the DPRK states as follows in connection with the prevailing unpardonable situation, in which a serious act of violation of the sovereignty of the DPRK has been committed by running counter to the UN Charter and all principles of international law with equal sovereignty and noninterference in internal affairs as their core:

At a ROK-Japan-China tripartite summit held on May 27 under the sponsorship of the ROK, a "joint declaration" was made public, calling for maintaining peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and in the region and denuclearizing the Korean peninsula.

It is a mockery of and trickery against the regional countries and the international community that the ROK is talking about "denuclearization" and "peace and stability" as it has constantly brought a grave security crisis to the Korean peninsula and the rest of the Northeast Asian region by frantically strengthening military alliance for aggression with hegemony-seeking forces outside the region.

As regards the grave political provocation of denying the constitutional position of the DPRK, committed at an international meeting sponsored by the ROK, the DPRK Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly denounces and rejects it as a blatant challenge to the sovereignty of the DPRK and wanton interference in its internal affairs.

To discuss the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula today constitutes a grave political provocation and violation of sovereignty that totally denies the DPRK's inviolable sovereignty and constitution reflecting the unanimous will of all the Korean people, before being an issue concerning any international duty or justification.

It is an insult never to be pardoned and a declaration of war against the DPRK that the ROK, which is in the most hostile relations with the DPRK, attempts to force the DPRK to violate its constitution in denial of its sovereign rights.

It is an undeniable fact and history that the US nuclear threat, which has persisted for more than half a century, triggered off the DPRK's access to nuclear weapons and that hostile acts and military blackmail by the US and the ROK have been a decisive factor in accelerating the DPRK's steady advance for bolstering up its nuclear force.

Various US-led military blocs exist throughout the Asia-Pacific region including the Korean peninsula and the "nuclear consultative group" aimed at using nuclear weapons against the DPRK is operating. Furthermore, regional peace and stability are exposed to serious threats due to the US’ and its vassal countries' ceaseless war drills for aggression. Given such grave security environment, denuclearization will only bring a nuclear crisis, instead of peace and stability.

Denuclearization on the Korean peninsula means a power vacuum and hastening of war.

If anyone tries to deny or violate the constitutional position of our country as a nuclear weapons state, while preaching denuclearization to us, it will be regarded as the most serious infringement upon sovereignty forcing us to renounce our constitution and social system.

Such thing as "complete denuclearization of the Korean peninsula" has already become extinct theoretically, practically and physically.

The DPRK will firmly protect the dignity and sovereignty of the country and its people and its constitution from all sorts of attempts of the hostile forces to deny its absolute sovereignty, and make crucial efforts to build a new mechanical structure in the region based on justice and equity. 


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