Do not dream a pipe-dream

August 19, 2022

Kim Yo Jong, deputy department director of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, released a press statement entitled “Do not dream a pipe-dream” on August 18. The following is its full text:

It would have been more favourable for saving his face to shut his mouth than to talk nonsense if he had nothing better to say.

I am talking about Yoon Suk Yeol’s “congratulatory address marking August 15”.

Given that he is losing public support, it would have been better if he had never presented himself on that occasion.

I’m saying this today only because the south seems to be very eager to know about our reaction, not because I’m concerned about Yoon’s situation, as even a mere child would know.

If he had really wanted to take the platform, I’m curious to know how much effort he had put in to his speech, only to be unable to say anything that would save his face.

This time, Yoon was engrossed in letting loose such sophisms as a “process of building a free country in confrontation with the communist forces” and “defending the free world by standing against communists’ invasion” and inciting confrontation between systems.

Though I’m sorry to say this, dogs will always bark, be they a pup or an adult, and the same goes for the one with the title of “president”.

The most repulsive point was when he impertinently read the absurd remark that he proposes us a “bold and broad-based plan” which enables us to radically improve the economy and the people’s livelihood if we would discontinue nuclear development and turn towards substantial denuclearization.

With the person gone, who had once pretended to be any “driver”, arousing the people’s suspicion, another one who also lives in his own world has come to power.

After pretending to have a plan for improving north-south relations in his “inaugural address” last May, he seemed to have taken lots of pains as he explained it to the US and neighbouring countries in order to solicit their understanding and support, but the “plan” he unveiled this time is too absurd.

All the ridiculous remarks uttered by the so-called “president” really make the south look only queer.

Was there no one else in the south to be elected as “president”?

“Bold plan?”

Then, I will explain why it is absurd in a word.

His “bold plan” is the height of absurdity as it is as impracticable as to try to create mulberry fields by drying up the dark blue ocean.

As he disregarded the other party’s attitude towards the plan and the comments to be made on it by those grasping the situation of inter-Korean relations, I could not but be stunned by his “bravery” and excessive ignorance.

I’d like to give some advice.

The “bold plan” is not a new one, but a replica of “no nukes, opening and 3 000 dollars” which was raised by traitor Lee Myung Bak over a decade ago, only to be abandoned as a product of the confrontation with fellow countrymen, far from attracting the attention of world people.

It is unsightly for Yoon to have copied the policy towards the north, thrown into the dustbin of history, and what’s more it is really foolish of him to call it a “bold plan”.

I’m not sure if he knows his assumption “if the north took a measure for denuclearization” was a wrong prerequisite.

While seeing him fluently reading the pipedream-like remarks on the “north’s nuclear abandonment” which his predecessors in the south and even their master, the US, failed to induce, we felt pity for him as he seemed to have read in all haste the text that must have been wrongly written by others, not yet knowing what it meant.

Not everything is a subject for negotiations. To think that the intention to barter “economic cooperation” for our honour, nukes, is the great dream, hope and plan of Yoon, we came to realize that he is so naive and still green.

Anyone, who comes to power, will be able to know well the law of the world and the situation only after 2-3 years of hard work.

No one would barter his destiny for corn cake.

Pure contempt is what we can only show those harbouring a vain illusion that they could make us abandon our nukes if they pay more stakes.

It would be advisable to mind their own business if they can find time to spare, instead of talking about the north-south issue.

They might have no time to talk about someone’s “economy” and improvement of “people’s livelihood” since they live in anxiety as they don’t know when they would be ousted for their troubled economy and people’s impoverished life.

Those villains seriously undermining our security environment by continuing to send dirty waste into our territory are talking about “food supply” and “medical assistance” to inhabitants in the north. That only incites our people’s surging hatred and wrath.

A knave who talks about a “bold plan” today and stages anti-north war exercises tomorrow is none other than the “man” Yoon Suk Yeol.

It is our earnest desire to live without being conscious of their existence.

Before evaluating the south Korean authorities’ “policy toward the north”, we don’t like Yoon Suk Yeol himself.

Though we don’t know whether he would knock at our door with any other grandiose plan in the future as his “bold plan” does not work, we make it clear that we will not sit face to face with him.

It would be better for Yoon Suk Yeol to ponder on what serious threat will be brought by the reckless confrontational remarks his hirelings make irregularly and ignorantly.

I’d like to say additionally that they should not forget even for a moment our advice that it would be best for them never to stand face to face with us.

In addition, we regret to make it clear that our previous day’s weapon test was conducted on the “Kumsong Bridge” in Anju City of South Phyongan Province, not the Onchon area the south Korean authorities announced rashly and talkatively.

I am curious to know why those always talking about tracking and monitoring and full preparedness under the close cooperation between south Korea and the US could not properly tell the launching time and place and why they do not open to the public the data on the weapon system.

If the data and flight trajectory are made known, the south will be so bewildered and frightened. And it will be a sight to behold how they will explain it to their people.


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