November 8, 2022

Everyone values time.

That’s why there came into being such phrases as “Time is money” and “Time is life” related to the value of time long ago.  

General Secretary Kim Jong Un devotes himself to the country and the people, regarding every minute and every second as precious as gold.

Devotion means dedicating oneself self-sacrificingly without seeking one’s own interests.

Conscious that if he has a rest even for a moment, the advance of the country will slow down as much and that the more he devotes himself, the more the people’s wealth increases and the happier they become, the General Secretary exerts himself around the clock, sometimes forgetting even mealtime.

Thanks to his such devotion, the national power of the DPRK has been remarkably raised and lots of eye-opening events have taken place with the people’s dream and ideal coming true over the past 10 years.


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