Global warming causes sea level rise

March 20, 2023

Shortly ago, research groups from several countries published their study results showing the terrible threat of global warming. According to them, the mean temperature of Greenland was the highest in the past 10 centuries due to global warming in the new century.

They analyzed the components of ice they had collected at the central and northern parts of the island and examined the changes in temperature tracing back to more than 1 000 years from 2011. The results showed that its mean temperature rose by 1.5℃ over the past century, indicating a sharp rise.

Saying that the recent result shows even the central and northern parts of Greenland are affected by human activities, the research groups noted there is a possibility that the ice would melt faster.

Greenland is the world’s largest island located between the Atlantic and Arctic oceans, most of which is covered with ice.

Unfortunately, however, this huge icebound mountain has melted at a fast rate in recent years. In July 2019 alone, the ice melting on land surface amounted to 197 billion tons, the equivalent of the volume of water much enough to fill nearly 80 million swimming pools for the Olympics.

Now, 234 billion tons of ice melt there each year, nearly 10 times larger than the annual average amount of ice that melted in the 1990s.

Saying that glaciers on Greenland, called the “last icebound waters” to contain global warming, are melting at a fast rate due to the temperature rise accelerated by global warming caused by humankind, experts express concern about the possibility that if the process of glacial fluctuation takes place too fast, it would affect many aspects of the circulation of water across the world including the regional hydrological phenomena and many people would be threatened by the sea level rise.

They argue that 300 million people will suffer from at least a flood each year by 2050 and more than 640 million may be exposed to threat by the sea level rise by 2100 in the worst case unless carbon dioxide emissions are reduced drastically and breakwaters are reinforced.

At present, the sea level is rising up.

On May 18 last year, the World Meteorological Organization announced that the sea surface rose 4.5mm on an annual average between 2013 and 2021, hitting a record high.

Global warming poses a growing threat to human existence, many experts say, appealing to all nations to positively turn out for preventing it.


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