Artist with special love for homeland

June 13, 2024

Ri Song Rin (1718-1777) was a talented artist who achieved fame in the 18th century.

His courtesy name was Tokhu and pen name Sojae.

As an artist of Tohwaso (a government office in charge of paintings created on the demand of the royal court), he drew well landscape and figure.

His typical works include “Sunset”, “The slope”, “The old man standing under the rock” and “The macrobian”.

One of the depictive characteristics of his paintings is that he drew beautiful pictures with harmonious brushwork while producing soft and special feelings.

Free from the universal principle of perspective of drawing nearby objects larger and distant ones smaller, he employed the technique of emphasizing important objects though they were in a distant place.

His pictures exude deep love for homeland and special sentiment, and he contributed to some extent to enriching realistic painting in the 18th century with his high artistic aspiration and through his characteristic creative activities.  


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