University marks 1 030th anniv

September 2, 2022

Koryo Songgyungwan University celebrated its 1 030th anniversary.

On his visit to Kaesong in May 1992, President Kim Il Sung took the measure of establishing a university inheriting Songgyungwan, saying that the Korean ancestors built this highest educational institution of Koryo (first unified state of Korea) in its capital city of Kaesong in 992 to give university education.

He cleared up the date of inauguration of the university and named it “Koryo Songgyungwan University”. And he specified the tasks and ways for developing it, including the matter of splendidly constructing its school building and dormitory around the old educational institution and setting up faculties for training technical personnel.

Chairman Kim Jong Il provided careful guidance over the matters of forming its faculties and courses and building up the ranks of lecturers and researchers and provided it with a large number of modern facilities for education and scientific research.

Busy as he was with leading the revolution, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un examined its new building distribution plan and design and wisely led the construction project so that it could be pushed ahead.

In the past, the university made remarkable achievements in its efforts to promote instruction and edification and scientific research and consolidate its material and technical foundations.

A meeting took place on August 31 to mark the 1 030th anniversary of the founding of the university.


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