Military police system, product of Japanese imperialists’ medieval horror politics

July 7, 2023

During their military occupation of Korea (1905-1945) in the last century, the Japanese imperialists cooked up a military police system in June 1910 in order to suppress the anti-Japanese struggle of the Korean people and maintain and strengthen their colonial rule.

The military police machinery set up by the Japanese imperialists was stronger in repressive character than the usual police machinery.

Above all, the Japanese aggressors tried to make their colonial rule over the Korean people more effective by centralizing the oppressive system based on military police. Their centralization of the military police system meant that they formed the system mainly with military police so as to coordinate gendarmes and police to further intensify the repression of the Korean people. 

Integrating gendarme and police machineries, the aggressors made sure that military police controlled secret-service police as the investigation section. The mission of secret-service police was to supervise secret societies and assemblies directly threatening the basis of the Japanese imperialists’ colonial ruling system in Korea and look out for “dangerous” ideas so as to watch and grasp and repress “political offenders”.

Through the integration of the gendarme and police machineries, the aggressors also granted the military police huger rights to oppression to enable it to have the initiative. The rights included those to intelligence activities, “rioter suppression”, summary judgment of “crime”, civil suit “mediation”, customs service, forest monitoring, census registration service, supervision of workers and diffusion of Japanese language.

The Japanese imperialists densely distributed the organs at all levels of the gendarme and police machineries with such unrestricted rights so that they could thoroughly repress the entire social life of the Korean people including their anti-Japanese independence movement.

The Korean people were deprived of all sorts of political freedom and rights and were subjected to misfortunes and sufferings owing to the military police system the aggressors put in force, saying, “Koreans must obey the Japanese law or die.”

History itself is truth and practical proof.

The Japanese authorities are now clinging to the shameless moves to distort history while denying their past crimes, but history cannot be erased at all.

The Korean people never forget all the evil deeds the Japanese imperialists committed in Korea in the last century, but will surely make them pay for the crimes.


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