Patriotic resistance of Koreans for national sovereignty

March 1, 2022

Patriotic resistance of Koreans for national sovereignty

On March 1 1919, there was a popular uprising of the Korean people that is etched in their national history as a patriotic movement.

The March First Popular Uprising was the Koreans’ nationwide anti-Japanese patriotic resistance to win back their country occupied by the Japanese imperialists and achieve national independence.

The Korean people had been subjected to extreme humiliation and maltreatment under the tyranny and due to the atrocities of the Japanese imperialists since they occupied Korea by force of arms in the early 20th century. The nationwide uprising was an explosion of the Koreans’ pent-up rage and deep-seated grudge against the Japanese aggressors.

With an anti-Japanese demonstration in Pyongyang as the beginning, the uprising rapidly spread throughout Korea including Kyongsong (Seoul at present), and even to the Korean communities overseas such as China’s Manchuria and Shanghai, Russia’s Maritime Territory of Siberia and the US’ Hawaii, thus becoming a truly nationwide resistance.

Through the uprising, the Koreans demonstrated that they are a people with a strong spirit of independence who do not want to live as slaves of others and also with indomitable stamina and ardent patriotism who fear no sacrifice in the struggle to defend national dignity and sovereignty.

Much upset by the nationwide resistance of the Koreans, Japan immediately set in motion large numbers of military and other policemen and fire fighters and even fully armed garrison forces to put down the uprising. Not content with that, it mobilized its troops stationing in Korea, reservists and the troops in its mainland. Even the Japanese residents in Korea were incited to kill Koreans with lethal weapons.

The brutal repression was not only an unethical crime ruthlessly trampling on the Koreans’ elementary political freedom and rights including the right to existence but an atrocity flagrantly violating international law.

The Korean nation will surely settle accounts with Japan for its past wrongdoings.


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