Research hit made in production of nano-materials

February 5, 2023

The high-tech product exchange centre of Kim Hyong Jik University of Education is producing nano-materials in order to introduce them into different economic sectors.

 “We have introduced the dynamic ultrahigh pressure technology into nano-materials production,” said Jang In San, section chief of the centre.

He is a developer who succeeded in the completion of the technology of industrializing nano-materials production based on a dynamic ultrahigh pressure method.

According to him, the dynamic ultrahigh pressure technology is to synthesize nano-material by forming instantaneous ultrahigh pressure or realize stamp forging, and the use of the technology can mass-produce any nano-materials and improve quality remarkably. 

Researchers of the centre developed nano-diamond, nano-graphite, nano-functional metal powder and others with the help of this technology and established foundations for industrializing them.

At present, the exchange centre is equipped with a production line consisting of extraction, refining and processing. 

 “Most of equipment and devices are manufactured by our research team’s own efforts by relying on domestic raw and other materials in keeping with its specific conditions,” said researcher Ri Chol Jin. 

It is said that the course of manufacture was the period of breaking through the cutting edge.

To cite the refining cylinder which is needed for the extraction process as an example, it was designed to accurately control all indices including temperature control, churning and filtering according to nano-materials. 

And the researchers made equipment and devices comprising extraction and cooling and coagulation processes.

This production process now turns out different nano-materials that meet international quality standards.

Nano-diamond and other nano-functional materials have widely been introduced into lubricating oil and extra-hard metal working industries, medical sector and the production of functional cosmetics and sanitary goods, thereby contributing to improving the quality of products.


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