Cosmetics packaging process robotized

November 23, 2022

Researchers of the high-tech products exchange centre of Pyongyang University of Mechanical Engineering have robotized the cosmetics packaging process.

Their research result was introduced into the Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory which produces Pomhyanggi-brand cosmetics well known to the world. 

After setting a goal of robotizing the cosmetics packaging process a few years ago, the researchers boldly broke with the previous mode and explored a new way in the aspects of device and control for the first time in the country. 

They made painstaking efforts to make all necessary robots and finished installing them in a short period of time in cooperation with field technicians, thus succeeding in a trial operation.

The robotization of the cosmetics packaging process has made it possible for the factory to remarkably raise the packaging capacity per hour and save labour as compared with before. It also helped it improve the production environment and earn considerable economic profit.

“We take greater pride in having done something needed for the country with the knowledge and technology we have built up than having pursued an untrodden path as scientists,” section chief Pak Chan Bin said over their success that won a certificate of introduction of state sci-tech hits. 


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