Food production cycle helps boost livestock farming

November 12, 2022

Our livestock farm under the Mangyongdae district housewives’ livestock farming management board is not big. But it constantly keeps hundreds of pigs, increasing the production of piglets and meat.

The secret of its success is the solution of feed problem, the key issue in livestock farming, at a low cost.

Our management board has foodstuff processing bases in over 20 dongs in the district.

Various kinds of by-products from them and households are good sources of pig feed.

We also solve the protein feed problem with Hermetia illucens.

We secured breeding Hermetia illucens, theoretically learned the production method and built its breeding ground.

Pig excrement is used for the inhabitation of Hermetia illucens.

We grind Hermetia illucens into powder to feed chickens and ducks and treat their excrement through a certain process to feed pigs, supplying enough nutrients for the growth of pigs as well as chickens and ducks.

And the pig excrement is used again for the inhabitation of Hermetia illucens. After all, we solve the feed problem with the help of a food production cycle.

Since we began to feed Hermetia illucens to domestic animals, the breeding and fattening rates of pigs have increased significantly and the depilation of chickens and ducks has disappeared.

We’ve also introduced a fermented forage production method by which to treat domestic animal excrement with bacteria to enhance the effectiveness of feed.

And we dissolve pig bristles and poultry feathers and down to make activated amino acid and use it to make fattening stimulant so as to double the fattening speed.

By doing so, we overfulfil the production plan with less amount of feed every year.

The taste and quality of pork have also improved remarkably.

We more than doubled the yearly plan until late September this year, and produced large quantities of meat in October.

Ra Sun Ok, chairwoman of the Mangyongdae district housewives’ livestock farming management board

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