Wheat and barley harvested in time

June 21, 2024

Wheat and barley are now reaped on farm fields across the country as soon as they are ripe.

Officials of the Agricultural Commission and all provincial, city and county agricultural guidance organs are organizing the farming process in such a way as to ensure good results like estimated yields.

South Hwanghae Province, the “granary” on the west coast, is bustling with the harvesting of the crops.

The province overfulfils daily plans as it has increased the proportion of the farm work done by machines with a view to finishing the harvesting of the crops as soon as possible.

North Hwanghae Province is speeding up the similar work with the determination to finish it in good time.

Kumchon, Thosan and Phyongsan counties were the first to begin the farm work, and others, too, buckled down to the work, registering good results every day.

Nampho City exceeds its daily target, which was set higher than before, as it has made full preparations because the per-hectare yield is estimated to increase much more than last year.

Farms in Pyongyang and South Phyongan and South Hamgyong provinces, too, are stepping up the harvesting of wheat and barley as soon as they are ripe while correctly calculating the right time for harvest for each plot and field.


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