Maize harvest ends in the main, rice harvest in full swing in Kaesong

September 25, 2023

Thanks to the devoted efforts of agricultural workers and helpers in Kaesong City, maize harvest was finished in the main areas and rice harvest is progressing on a full scale.

The farms in the city set the harvest dates on a scientific basis according to the regional features and carefully organized the work to harvest crops and carry in them in time after the ears ripened.

The agricultural workers finished the harvest of corn in the main areas at the right time by ensuring the repair and maintenance of tractors and other means of transport. In the same spirit they have launched into the harvest of rice, producing good results every day.

A nationwide campaign has been staged to lend the rural communities manpower and material support, arousing the enthusiasm of the agricultural workers.

The Oksan and Sinsong farms in Kaephung District properly allocate manpower by taking into account the meteorological and climatic conditions and the crop situation and operate harvesters at full capacity to carry out daily assignments without fail. 

The agricultural workers and helpers of Panmunjom and Tongnae farms in Panmun District hold a socialist emulation drive between workteams and sub-workteams to push ahead with rice harvest without any loss of grains.


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