Comprehensive stockbreeding base in Kangdong area

June 18, 2024

A comprehensive stockbreeding farm was built in Songgum-ri, Kangdong County, Pyongyang, last year.

When you mount the observation platform of the farm, you can command the bird’s-eye view of the farm which has been built into a beautiful paradise.

According to an official of the farm, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un dispatched a powerful construction force in order to turn the farm into an excellent animal husbandry base capable of producing and supplying tasty and nutritious dairy products on a regular basis to the children in nurseries and kindergartens in the capital city and took practical measures, giving meticulous guidance to it.

The two-storey agricultural sci-tech learning space has many rooms.

It serves for solving technical problems arising in spreading good varieties of grass-eating animals, including the matter of improving soil fertility in a scientific way. As it is linked with central institutes by network, farmers can browse lots of scientific and technological data. It is also equipped with a system for grasping the progress of production at each branch farm and taking relevant measures.

In particular, the farm has a raising and tending service system using mobile communications equipment which enables pasturers to rapidly receive necessary sci-tech assistance even in distant pastures. 

There is also a modern process of producing domestic animals’ feed.

It produces lump-shaped quality mineral feed by using nano-microelement and probiotic additives.

The introduction of this assorted feed into goat raising and tending has ensured the fattening rate of kids and the breeding rate of mother goats at over 95 percent and increased milk yield per goat by over 10 percent.

The assorted feed production reportedly helped the farm open up a prospect for increasing milk production by rationally combining indoor breeding with grazing.

Farmers said that the indoor breeding method has resulted in an increase in the fattening rate and daily milk output as compared to grazing.

A straight road running along the river banks built solidly enough to be unaffected by heavy rain leads to a milch cow branch farm. 

Each cowshed is packed with high-yielding varieties of milch cows. Breeders milk them using modern machines and monitor and control the supply of feed, temperature and humidity at the control room in real time. 

The Songgum, Thaejam and Ransan livestock branch farms are concentrating efforts on perfecting goat raising and tending methods to suit the specific natural and geographical conditions, thus registering good results.

The farm has also laid a solid foundation for producing dairy products.

The milk processing workshop of the farm, which is equipped with an integrated manufacturing system, turns out a variety of dairy products whose quality and taste are good, including formula, yoghurt, butter and cheese. 

The farm is now exerting itself to secure more goats and cows and increase milk output per head.

Now that good varieties of breeding adult goats have been fully secured, the work for increasing the production of kids is progressing apace in a planned way.

Meanwhile, the farm produces various kinds of tasty foodstuffs with wheat flour processed at the farm to supply them to the children in the farm and improve residents’ dietary life.


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