Taedonggang beer enjoys unwaning popularity

January 27, 2023

Taedonggang beer is one of the nation’s best-loved beverages.

Beer drinkers say that the cool and refreshing drink with distinctive flavour and aroma invigorate and exhilarate them.

The Taedonggang Brewery produces various kinds of beer and its productivity and product quality are far better than its domestic competitors. 

Taedonggang beer is made from locally-produced barley and hop and other ingredients. 

The brewery now focuses on producing tastier beer with unique flavour in larger quantities.

While paying primary attention to improving the quality of beer, it introduced a series of effective methods into production by strengthening its technical force and ranks of skilled workers and set up a filtering agent production process relying on local raw materials.

Its research team succeeded in establishing a variety of beer production methods according to the mixing ratio of raw materials by conducting hundreds of rounds of laboratory analysis and trial production and brewed a wheat beer which is winning favour in the world. 

They also invented and built many pieces of equipment and devices including a raw materials weighing machine, malt-water-air injector, fuel heat-value measuring instrument and smart motor protector by paying close attention to domestic production of equipment and recycling.

Large refrigerator trucks with the words “Taedonggang bear” stuck on each side carry fresh beer to different places. 

The beer is served at Taedonggang beer shops dotted around the city and is also popular at public catering amenities in different parts of the country. 

Last year, Taedonggang beer won the December 15 Medal of Quality and was registered as the February 2 Product.


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