New-type mixed gas compressor produced

February 7, 2023

Last year, the Ryongsong Machine Complex produced over 100 compressors and large ventilators, including several extra-large high pressure compressors, and dozens of mobile rice threshers and car dumpers.

Among the compressors was a mixed gas compressor which has been installed and on a trial run at the Hungnam Fertilizer Complex.

It was two years ago that the machine complex started to make the new-type mixed gas compressor, which can be said to be a leap forward in developing the country’s machine-building industry.

At that time, the complex had few machine makers with  a good knowledge of the machine.  

It decided to make a mixed gas compressor in an innovation-driven way to suit the actual conditions of the country instead of copying the imported one. 

Relevant discussions continued for several days.

“Our predecessors had made an eight-metre turning lathe and 3 000-ton press through bold designing and processing in the postwar days. So I thought that if we worked like them there would be no problem in making a large compressor as well,” said Jon Chol Ho, worker of the complex.

With a determination to make the mixed gas compressor in their own way and in an innovation-driven way, designers produced original and creative designs of all its parts.

Many technical innovation plans reflecting the novel ideas of workers and technicians were introduced into making the compressor.

The complex successfully processed the ten-metre-long body of the compressor by making rational use of a 200mm borer. It also broke with the concept that the combustion model-based casting process was unable to produce a material weighing over one ton and succeeded in casting the one weighing more than four tons.

Now the complex produces various kinds of part materials necessary for the production of custom-built equipment by dovetailing the moulding, drying and casting processes.


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