Spring footwear exhibition opens

March 26, 2023

The spring national footwear exhibition-2023 opened at the Pyongyang Yokjon Department Store on March 24 under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Light Industry.

On display there are more than 200 000 articles in some 930 kinds produced at dozens of units, including the Ryuwon Footwear Factory, Wonsan Leather Shoes Factory and Sinuiju Footwear Factory, and over 40 pieces of research hits achieved across the footwear industry sector. 

During the event, technical exchange activities will be held in such forms as experience-sharing, sci-tech presentation and seminar and the presented articles will be examined by public assessment through selling and by judgment of the jury. 

The opening ceremony was attended by Vice-Premier Ri Song Hak, Kim Chang Sok, minister of Light Industry, officials concerned, officials of the participating units, lecturers, researchers, technicians and three-revolution team members. 

Ri Song Hak in his opening address said that the exhibition will become an important occasion in producing more popular products and commodities favoured by the people by generalizing the advanced technologies and experience among production units and in developing the overall footwear industry onto a higher level. 


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