Computer programs come closer to business activities

December 8, 2023

The Samhung Economic Information Technology Company has risen to one of the top ten businesses in the DPRK for its excellent IT service in a matter of ten years.

The company is a small unit with only dozens of employees.

However, IT products it develops are much favoured and sought-after by users.

“In developing each IT product, we are concentrating our efforts on meeting the diverse mindsets of subscribers from all walks of life and making it a close companion badly needed for their work and life,” said Ryu Jong Hak, senior staffer of the company.

Many units and individuals joined in a short time in the integrated information service system, “My companion”, which provides full environment for promptly sharing various information pieces needed for business activities of enterprises and the system has made a significant contribution to developing the country’s economy and accommodating the convenience of people.

Much effort is needed to develop, manage and update the system as it requires establishing a huge database and constantly creating cutting-edge technology for the management of network.

It is the unanimous view of the development team members that if they did not undertake such a difficult task in a responsible manner, only thinking of immediate profits, they would have failed to bring about the present result.

And subscribers say that the company’s IT products are very convenient to use as they give substantial help to their work and life as if they read the users’ thoughts.

The company presses on with the updating of programs by accepting the opinion of the users. 

The volume of data in the comprehensive multilingual dictionary and Korean dictionary gets richer with its retrieval functions being diversified and thereby the programs are winning growing popularity.

Shortly ago, researchers carried out a study for remarkably improving the speech recognition function of a multilingual input program, making it possible to correctly recognize the voices of inputting persons even outdoors and input them into smart phones.

The company has recently focused its efforts on developing a program which contributes to the digitalization and informatization of the national economy.

In the course of this, the cutting-edge development force has been strengthened and research has been intensified into a world advanced level of the IT field.

Today, the company has developed into a renowned IT service provider and a cutting-edge research base that contributes to the digitization of the national economy.


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