Service workers called daughters, granddaughters

January 27, 2023

Saleswomen of the Songbuk Greengrocery under the Moranbong District Greengrocery Wholesale Store take good care of health and life of war veterans in Songbuk-dong. 

Busy as they were with the work to better the service for residents and spruce up the environment of the greengrocery, Myong Kwang Gum, chief of the shop, and other service workers had often visited the houses of a dozen war veterans living there to learn about their living conditions and birthdays in detail and conducted service activities more than once every month since two years ago. 

They visited the households of war veterans with foodstuffs and daily necessities on national holidays and other anniversaries, and paid special attention to their health and life. 

Even in May last year, when the state epidemic prevention effort was switched to the top emergency anti-epidemic system, they kept taking care of the war veterans, though they were busy with and exhausted from supplying vegetables to thousands of families in the dong. 

They purchased a large quantity of early strawberries by gathering money  on their way to receive vegetables and distributed them to war veterans as they earnestly asked them to recover their health as soon as possible. 

Han Tong Su, a 90-year-old war veteran living in Songbuk-dong, said that he wanted to give even a little help to the service workers who looked like his own daughters and granddaughters, noting everyone cannot forget for life those who took care of them devotedly at hard times. 

The saleswomen became intimate with war veterans with the passage of time. 

“Whenever I see war veterans, who are eager to give us even a little help while appreciating our work, I feel kindred affection. We hope that they will live long in good health,” said Myong Kwang Gum.  


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