Fresh scenes of the capital

November 30, 2023

The streets of Pyongyang are changing day by day.

In the morning, new-type trolley buses, trams and buses are running in line along the streets of the capital.

More conspicuous are new road and landscape management vehicles including small multi-purpose cleaning carts.

When new-type street sprinklers pass by, sending up clouds of spray, people wave their hands to the drivers.

The road-keepers who drive new road-cleaning carts also draw the attention of people.

Projects are now under way to give a facelift to the capital city by improving urban management under the state concern.

As material and technical foundations have been laid for mechanizing and modernizing the road and landscape management on a higher level, the Taesong District road facilities management station works hard to put the operation of road vehicles on a normal basis.

“Our work is not simply landscaping streets and sweeping roads. It is an important undertaking for providing the citizens of Pyongyang with cultured and emotional living conditions and environment," said Jo Kil Nyo, workteam leader of the Phyongchon District road facilities management station who is deputy to the Supreme People's Assembly.

The streets of Pyongyang are becoming brighter and more beautiful thanks to the enthusiastic efforts of officials and workers in the urban management sector.


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