Pleasant time on ice rink

November 25, 2022

The People’s Open-Air Ice Rink built with distinctive architectural beauty on the picturesque bank of the Taedong River is bustling with many people.

Many people have frequented the rink over the past 10 years since its inauguration.

Its total building area is 6 469 square metres, with the ice ground covering 1 800 square metres. It can accommodate over 200 people per hour.

The sight of skating children catches the eyes of people who enter the rink after borrowing skates from the skate lending room.  

They exclaim seeing the children performing different kinds of skating movements on the ice rink.

Meanwhile, young people display their technical skills to music in such a way as to put even professionals to shame and some persons reel before falling down on the ice several times like a cow standing on the ice.  

Conspicuous are young men and women who are engrossed in teaching and learning how to skate.

Among them are young man and woman with several days to go before their wedding and a young couple who married a few years ago as they became friends after colliding with each other and falling down on the ice rink.

And there are men seating their wives unable to skate on auxiliary apparatuses for maintaining balance and pushing them like children. 

Many amateurs also come to the ice-rink. 

Amateur Jo Hyon Ung who is a university lecturer said that whenever he runs on the ice, he seems to feel that the wind caressing his ears relieves fatigue of his head. 

“Many people come to our ice rink every day and their number grows larger in the evening. Some of them come here almost every day for recovery from fatigue, treatment and physical training,” said instructor Rim Jun Ho.


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