National sci-tech presentation opens in anti-epidemic and public health sectors

November 24, 2022

A national sci-tech presentation and exhibition of the anti-epidemic and public health sectors-2022 opened in the capital city of Pyongyang.

The event, which was held on the theme of “Establishment of anti-epidemic foundations and improvement of the quality of medical supplies”, is aimed at firmly consolidating material and technical foundations in the anti-epidemic and public health sectors and definitely switching the country’s epidemic prevention over to an advanced and people-oriented one by sharing successes and experience gained in the anti-epidemic and public health sectors.

Its opening ceremony took place at the Sci-Tech Complex in Pyongyang on November 22.

It was attended by Ri Tu Il, chairman of the Central Committee of the General Federation of Science and Technology of Korea, relevant officials and scientists, technicians, three-revolution team members, postgraduates and university students from many units including ministries, national agencies and the anti-epidemic and public health institutions of provinces.

Choe Kyong Chol, minister of Public Health, made an opening speech.

After the ceremony was over, participants looked round the exhibition venue.

Put on display at the exhibition are over 3 600 pieces of valuable sci-tech achievements made in the period of the emergency anti-epidemic campaign and over 1 800 kinds of medicines, medical appliances, health foods, hygienic products and information technology products.

Meanwhile, virtual exhibition runs through the national data communications network. 

During the event, there will be presentations and discussions about successes and experience that actually contributed to improving the anti-epidemic work and medical service, and technical services and order contracts related to diagnosis and treatment methods for various diseases like communicable diseases, medicines, medical appliances and anti-epidemic materials.


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