State benefits continue even at hard times

November 17, 2022

In the DPRK, the Party and the state are wholly responsible for the people’s health and the state takes upon itself all the issues related to the promotion of the people’ health.

People receive all the medical services free of charge.

Hospitals and clinics are found at places where the people live and residents receive health benefits on a daily basis thanks to the devotion of household doctors.

And sanatoriums have been built in the areas equipped with treatment conditions and environment to contribute to the promotion of the people’s health and treatment. 

Prophylaxis is the basis of socialist medicine.

Accordingly, people receive disease screening and medical check-ups every year on a regular basis before they are ill and a well-knit disease screening system has been established in collective living units.

The popular health system, which started during the Fatherland Liberation War and was further strengthened and developed, remained unchanged even in the periods of the Arduous March and forced march when the country experienced harsh trials in the 1990s.

The number of hospitals, medical appliances factories and pharmaceutical factories increased for the people, and lots of medical workers displayed beautiful traits as they saved patients by dedicating their blood and skins.

The well-knit health systems including the section doctor system have fully displayed their validity and advantages in the past top emergency anti-epidemic period, when a break occurred in the anti-epidemic walls that had been maintained for two years and three months.

On the basis of such popular and advanced medical service systems as the section doctor system, emergency medical service system and telemedicine, a detailed survey of fever cases and all-people disease screening and medical check-ups were conducted every day and quarantine and treatment work was carried out correctly.

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said at the National Meeting of Reviewing the Emergency Anti-epidemic Work in August that even though the material and technological foundations of our public health sector were weak, the existing medical service system of our own style was put into effective operation, and so the formidable anti-epidemic and treatment tasks could be carried out with success.

The state public health benefits for the people are on the increase as it is the policy of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the state to make people enjoy longevity in good health.


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