Leader sends pianos to kindergartens as gifts

December 31, 2022

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un sent scores of pianos to newly-formed music classes at kindergartens in Pyongyang on the occasion of the upcoming New Year’s Day.

Phalgol Kindergarten No. 2 in Mangyongdae District, Chungsong Kindergarten No. 2 in Rangnang District, Ryomyong Kindergarten in Taesong District, Mirae Kindergarten in Phyongchon District, Sojang Kindergarten in Pothonggang District and Tongmun Kindergarten No. 1 in Taedonggang District received them in great happiness.

Teachers and parents extended their gratitude to Kim Jong Un who spares nothing as he devotes himself to making the children grow up happily with nothing to envy in the world.


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