New popular cartoons created

February 1, 2023

The Korea April 26 Animation Studio has recently produced many new cartoons including parts 70-72 of The Clever Raccoon Dog

The animation enables viewers to acquire broad knowledge through the interesting, witty and edifying stories about the three close friends—the raccoon dog, bear and cat. 

The Clever Raccoon Dog, which started to be created and released in 1987, is recognized as a popular work that develops intellectual faculties of children and gives them lessons of life for over 30 years,” said director Im Jong Son.

Last year the studio successfully completed the aforesaid parts of the cartoon thanks to the high zeal of its creators. 

Mass literary correspondent Ri Kyong Im said, “The Clever Raccoon Dog is the cartoon I have favoured since my childhood. I was greatly pleased that my scenario based on the principle that electron ions in fruit can substitute for batteries was selected to make Part 70 Orange Necklace and that the part was televised.”

Part 71 Waterproof Cloth tells a story that the hero raccoon dog makes the helicopter of wolves intent on hijacking canned fish to crash by using the principle of buoyancy created by air pressure difference to wind waterproof cloth on the propeller of the helicopter and Part 72 Plastic Magnet teaches the principle that the friction of plastic goods cause static electricity so that they can be used as magnets. The films enable schoolchildren to know how physical phenomena are used in life. 

The studio also produced Part 24 On the Day of Horse Race of serial cartoon Observe Traffic Regulations Well which is of significance in promoting children’s and student’s understanding of traffic regulations.

Meanwhile, the studio produced parts 41 and 42 of historical cartoon film Ko Jumong which is popular with viewers and completed parts 1 and 2 of cartoon Prince Hodong and Princess of Rangnang with a plan to make it as a multi-part work as a single-part cartoon of the same title was created and televised in 1990.

“When I came to know through a TV report that the Korea April 26 Animation Studio newly created parts 1and 2 of cartoon Prince Hodong and Princess of Rangnang, I was eager to see it. I saw the first showing of it at the cinema. Its storyline is more interesting and the characters, buildings and everything else of hundreds of years ago it shows were so vivid that I almost took them for the real. I am looking forward to the next parts,” said Choe Song U, a moviegoer.


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