Less is more

January 19, 2023

The significance of economy is growing day after day.

All sectors and units of the national economy and all people across the country should turn out for economization. Herein lies the way to implement the decisions of the Sixth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, fulfil the national economic plans for this year and provide a decisive guarantee for carrying out the five-year plan.

The WPK defined this year as a year of making a big stride in the development of the national economy, a year of attaining key goals in increasing production, carrying out the strategy of readjustment and reinforcement and improving the people’s living standard and indicated clearly economic indexes to be attained by each sector of the national economy in the new year. 

Raw and other materials, fuel and equipment are needed to that end in any sector.

Of course, the electric power industry and different other sectors have increased production and reduced consumption of materials per unit by introducing new technologies with the firm intention to increase productivity by dint of science and technology. And more and more units have made steady efforts to put economy on a higher scientific and technological basis. 

But it is necessary to further intensify the economization drive in such key industries as metallurgical, chemical and coal-mining industries, light industry and all other economic sectors in order to reach our high goals with success and bring about sustainable development in the overall national economy.

As is always the case in doing everything, what is decisive in searching for and employing reserves and methods for economization in production and construction is people’s viewpoint of the work. 

As to the units actually succeeding in fulfilling their national economic plans and attaining goals of readjustment and reinforcement, all their employees have made it an inveterate habit to try to save even a single watt of electricity, a single gram of coal and a single gram of cement and relied on science and technology in economization.

Economy is an important way to maximize production and it is ensured just by great scientific and technological force.  

When all sectors and units develop their own sci-tech forces and promote the development of science and technology, they will be able to boost production while saving materials and labour to the maximum. 

To this end it is necessary to steadily enhance sci-tech talents’ patriotism and creative abilities so that they fully display their potentialities at the forefront of economy. 

In addition, economization can be further promoted only when the producer masses are trained into sci-tech talents so that they can all become masters of science and technology. 

No reserve for economization can escape the notice of working people who work hard to acquire modern science and technology with patriotic enthusiasm.

The State Planning Commission will do the planning work more scrupulously to ensure all sectors of the national economy explore the possibilities of economy to the maximum and bring relevant economic profits as much as possible.

Pak Chol Jin, department director of the State Planning Commission

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