Accepting extreme weather conditions as fait accompli

March 15, 2023

The disastrous meteorological and climatic conditions are further worsening.

Every field is affected by weather, but it is especially vital for the agricultural sector much affected by it to cope with disastrous meteorological and climatic conditions.

What is important is that the influence of such conditions should be accepted as a fait accompli.

The reality is that serious global warming is not dissolved despite the effort of many countries and the international community.

While concentrating all efforts on grain production, the DPRK also regards disastrous meteorological and climate phenomena as a fait accompli and puts in a great effort to minimizing relevant damage.

It is effective in carrying out a huge and difficult task to pool effort and share experience.

Last year, too, unfavourable weather persisted, but not a few farms, workteams, sub-workteams and farmers reaped rich harvests.  

Their experience is very precious as they employed rational methods in each process of farm work, including the allocation of strains, on the basis of detailed analysis of the actual conditions of relevant regions and units.

If all other agricultural production units of the country accept such experience to suit their actual conditions, they will be able to achieve tangible success.

It is important to positively introduce advanced farming technologies and methods.

Now steps have been taken to repair and improve the irrigation facilities across the country and establish a strict system of directing water supply so as to ensure maximum economic benefits in using irrigation water. It is quite apposite.

It is the reality of our country that crops are damaged in no small measure by drought during their growth.

Merely good control of water can reduce such damage.

Although weather is so capricious, if the agricultural guidance and production units have high consciousness of countering crisis and resolutely deal with it, they will be able to achieve the grain production goals.

Jong In Nam, department director of the Agricultural Commission

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